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Helium Balloons

Whether you're looking for a bouquet, a single number, or a jumbo personalized balloon, Party Up is bringing the party!

If you don't see what you're looking for here, don't worry!

Just let us know in the inquiry form.

Helium Bouquets

All helium bouquets use 17-inch balloons for a full and complete look.

All include a basic tassel. Add-ons and customizations are available.

Mini Balloon Bouquet Helium.jpg

The Mini | $49

Includes (7) latex balloons & basic tassel.

Standard Balloon Bouquet Helium 02.jpg

The Standard | $89

Includes (14) latex balloons & basic tassel.

Standard Plus Balloon Bouquet Helium 01.jpg

The Standard+ | $89

Includes (10) latex balloons and (2) foil balloons & basic tassel.

Party Animal Balloon Bouquet Helium.jpg

Party Animal | $139

Includes (18) latex balloons and (4) foil balloons & basic tassel.

XL Party Balloons

Party Up with jumbo balloons! They are the perfect gift or statement when you have something bold to say.

Add your own twist with vinyl customization, choice of tassel, or confetti!


Baseball Centerpiece.jpg
TikTok Centerpiece.jpg

Starting at $25 each.

Centerpieces are completely customizable and specific to your party. They may or may not include helium. Fill out the inquiry form, and we will come up with something just for you!

Three balloon centerpiece with double decker mini base | $35 each

Get a Quote

Fill out the inquiry form to get a personalized quote. We love details!

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