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Frequently Asked Questions

You're not the first to ask!

What areas do you serve?

We mainly serve Davidson County, Cheatham County, and Williamson County. We can be available in other counties in Middle Tennessee on a case by case basis.

Do you have a minimum?

Yes! Party Up Balloon Co. has an order minimum of $200 for delivery and installation orders. Anything less can be made fully constructed and available for pickup as a Grab N Go Garland.

What do you use to hang your balloon garlands?

We make it a priority to look for existing anchor points when we hang our balloon garlands. If there are none present, we use removable 3M command hooks. We also offer different free-standing frames for any design that will enhance and eliminate the need to attach to the wall. These are only available with custom installation orders. They will be picked up within (2) days of your event.

How do I order?

We're so excited to create your balloon decor!

Click here for a custom balloon installation.

Click here for a Grab N Go Garland.

Do you have delivery and installation fees?

Delivery is a minimum of $25 regardless of location. The delivery fee is calculated by mileage from our studio in the 37207 zip code at $4 per mile.

The installation fee is 15% of your subtotal (before taxes and delivery fee).

How long does installation take?

Installation time of our balloon decor depends on the scale of your balloon design. Inflation is done ahead of time so most of our balloon garlands can be done within an hour whenever possible.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

If you need to reschedule your booking, you must do so at least (72) hours prior to your event date. Should the event be canceled, all paid funds may be used toward another event within (12) calendar months of the original event date, based on the availability of Party Up Balloon Co. Deposits are non-refundable.

Do you have balloon drops?

Absolutely! Balloon drops are perfect for New Year's Eve, company anniversaries, and other big parties. They can be all latex balloons, all foil balloons, or an assortment.

How long do your balloons last?

Party Up Balloon Co. uses the highest quality balloons and materials. However, things do happen and some may pop or deflate sooner than expected. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee your balloons will last after delivery or pick up due to environmental factors, including weather, surfaces, children, pets, hot car conditions, and/or foliage. We do guarantee replacement for any balloons we pop during transportation or set up.

Indoor balloon garlands may last up to a month or more if kept out of direct heat and sunlight.

What are Grab N Go Garlands?

Our Grab N Go Garlands are the best budget-friendly option that still POP OFF! Grab N Go Garlands are fully constructed by us. They are then picked up and hung by you with all materials and instructions needed. An SUV or larger is highly recommended for pickup.

What are your balloons made out of?

We work with high quality latex and mylar balloons. All latex balloons are made from natural rubber and are 100% biodegradable. We encourage smart balloon practices, such as keeping the balloons weighted and secure, refrain from releasing into the air, and properly disposing of all balloons once they are deflated or popped.

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