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Grab N Go Balloons

We offer two styles of Grab N Go: the balloon garland and the balloon mosaic.

Party Up Balloon Co. fully assembles and designs your balloons,

and you receive instructions on how to hang it where you want it.

Grab N Go Balloons are picked up by you at our studio in Nashville, TN. SUV recommended.

9ft Grab N Go Garland.jpg
Balloon Mosaic - 5ft Number 9 with white blue goldenrod.jpg

Balloon Garland

Pricing: $15/ft

Two sizes latex balloons.

Available 4' to 9'.

Balloon Mosaic

Pricing: $200 for 3' or $350 for 5'

Choose up to three colors.

Add-ons available.

Please Note: Balloon Mosaic frames are rentals and must be returned to Party Up Balloon Co. within three days. A $50 security deposit is required.

Grab N Go Order Form

Size Guide

4ft Grab N Go Garland.jpg

4' Garland

5ft Grab N Go Garland.jpg

5' Garland

6ft Grab N Go Garland.jpg

6' Garland

7ft Grab N Go Garland.jpg

7' Garland

8ft Grab N Go Garland.jpg

8' Garland

9ft Grab N Go Garland.jpg

9' Garland

Get a Quote

Fill out the inquiry form to get a personalized quote for a custom balloon installation. We love details!

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